New Chapter Turmeric Supplement Review

New Chapter Turmeric Supplement Review

For those of you who may have heard of the name but is not yet familiar with this amazing supplement, keep reading I think you will be impressed.

Turmeric originates from the Curcuma longa plant. The root is then dried and ground into a powder which is yellow and vibrant in color.

Found in turmeric are several chemicals compounds, one such compound is curcuminoids. Now, this living substance in turmeric is referred to as curcumin.  Curcumin is what makes turmeric a “functional foods,” defined by the Mayo Clinic. The curcumin found in turmeric promote optimal health and helps reduce the risk of disease.

Turmeric is well-researched, findings are documented and it is incredibly potent.  It’s also extremely safe to take. Turmeric has very few known side effects, and the ones that exist are incredibly rare and generally mild.  Can you say that about most medications?

I was first introduced to this spice some years back in my 20’s.   At first, I included it in most of my meal preparations.  While using this spice, I realized that this was one of the main ingredients in the curry powder I cooked with. The turmeric gives the curry that rich yellow, robust mustard looking color.
New Chapter Turmeric Supplement First of all, what is New Chapter Turmeric Supplement?

This is a staple part of the diet in the Caribbean and East Indian cuisines. There are many spices that have medicinal purposes but have been overlooked, fortunately, many spices and herbs are making a comeback with a bang.  More people are becoming aware of the healing properties that can really benefit the human body.

Turmeric is one of many spices that can contribute significantly to improving your overall health.  Over time, I began to hear more about this incredible supplement.  I had a friend who was having extreme crippling pain all over his entire body.  After he did extensive research on anti-inflammatory painkillers, he decided to take Turmeric.

He consumed this root for approximately one year, consistently.  Please keep in mind my friend was extremely stressed and in a lot of pain, to the point where he was unable to raise either of his arms or hands above his head without experiencing excruciating discomfort.  After some time of consuming the turmeric, the pain began to subside.

He continued taking the turmeric and over time his body eventually became pain-free. As I am writing this article he still remains pain-free and he is still taking turmeric as an added healthy supplement part of his diet.

There are many success stories from other people who have experienced great results after using turmeric.  Now, one would think after hearing all of this, I would have jumped on it. But I still chose to wait.

So, let me tell you about my experience.  I use to have fibroids and this was very painful. I would wake up most mornings with severe abdominal cramps and let’s not even talk about my menstrual cycle, that in itself wreaked havoc over my body.  I was also suffering from lower back pain due to the size and the location of the fibroids that were situated inside of me.

So why wouldn’t I take the turmeric?  Well even though I heard and read about all these success stories, I just didn’t think it would work for me.  I had tried so many things previously with no success that I didn’t think this would work, so in my thought process, I questioned myself,  what would make this any different?

After some time, I just decided what the heck and gave it a shot. I waited for entire 6 months before taking it and that blessed day came for my moment of truth.

When I took the first capsule within 24 hours, there was no pain.  Now, I didn’t want to say anything to anyone because I didn’t want to jinx myself.  I had had this pain for so many years that I wasn’t sure if it was just a coincidence and all in my mind.  Anyway, I continued using it and still no pain.  I then realized there was some truth to this turmeric.

Turmeric has become a part of my daily supplement routine and I will keep telling people my story because it works.  So, now let’s break it down.  Let me start by saying the one I use is, “New Chapter Turmeric Supplement” there are many others on the market but this one works really well for me.

This supplement is a great joint pain reliever, it is also an herbal anti-inflammatory to help relieve joint pain, and also protects liver health.

 Each capsule is 100% vegetarian, non-GMO, project verified, supercritical organic turmeric,  gluten free, dairy free, soy free, no synthetic fillers, no artificial flavors or colors, no black pepper or Bioperine (an additive in some isolated curcumin supplements), 3rd-party tested.

       There are some really great reviews for this supplement, listed below are a few: 

  1. By Monique on January 3, 2017:

I love this stuff! It takes away my inflammation and pain, and I even feel healing in my liver.

  1. By Iggy G. on January 7, 2018

Great product for anti-inflammatory

  1. By Amazon Customer on March 16, 2016

Good for fighting inflammation

New Chapter Turmeric Supplement, as with any herb or supplement, use as directed and consult with your doctor or naturopath before beginning a new supplement regimen. This supplement may not be for everyone.

Reversing Hormonal Imbalances Naturally

Reversing Hormonal Imbalances Naturally

“I’m so tired”, “I just can’t remember”, “OMG, I’m burning up”, and the list goes on and on, do these words sound familiar? reversing hormonal imbalances naturally is achievable.  I’m sure at some point you’ve heard other women talk about their experiences.

I guess you never thought someday you would be the one now experiencing it. For some women, this is an exasperating episode.  Not only is it frustrating, but in some cases, hormone imbalance can lead to the onset of serious health complications if not treated in time.

Did you know there are many women in other parts of the world who do not experience any of these symptoms at least it’s not as common as women in the West?  Now, how can that be you may be asking yourself.  Sometimes it boils down to lifestyle, climate, diet or a  combination of all three.  In the Western culture, we are so caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle of life that we don’t even take the time to slow it down and take care of ourselves.

Each individual is a unique balance of hormones that can sometimes be disrupted.  Getting back into balance and feeling yourself again can be a tough task for some.

Natural Solutions along with Interesting Facts on How to Cure Hormonal Imbalance and Get Back on Track:

  1. Get Adequate Rest / Sleep
  2. Less Stress
  3. Regular Exercise
  4. Make Time for Yourself
  5. Smile More
  6. Enjoy Life
  7. Don’t Take Life so Seriously
  8. Slow it Down

Reversing hormonal imbalances naturally is possible. You can avoid bright lights in the evening. Try to keep your lighting dim. This will allow your cycles to regulate. Bright lighting and blue lights shut off the melatonin production which is necessary for a peaceful and restful sleep at night. You can, however, use a low blue nightlight which you can place throughout your home. If you get up in the night to go to the bathroom you don’t run the risk of interrupting your melatonin by turning on a light.

This is so interesting because I remember as a child seeing my mother place low blue nightlight throughout our home and it wasn’t until I became much older that I understood why.

Please pay attention to your stress level this is so important.  Are you familiar cortisol? Cortisol is released by the adrenal glands. Our bodies produce cortisol naturally along with other stress hormones, these hormones enable us to stay energized and react to a situation that can harm us, it is an internal warning mechanism

Imagine you’re out camping in the forest with a friend and all of a sudden, you look back and realize you’re being chased by a speeding bear?  you would get an instant adrenal rush to remove yourself from the situation and run like hell.  When you are in danger, all your reserves are diverted to survival mode. Cortisol has priority over everything.

Our ‘fight or flight’ response would kick in – the brain would send a message to the adrenals to release adrenaline (the big initial rush), and cortisol (to keep us on high alert).

Even though it might not be an actual bear that’s stressing you out we do have everyday stress such, marriage, kids (no matter the age), workplace issues, finance, and so on. It is sometimes very challenging to rid yourself of everyday stress it can be very unrelenting.

So you see when running from the bear we would use all that sugar that is mobilized for energy to run from your source of stress. But everyday stress isn’t being used up (unless you go do a workout after work every day) – so it gets stored as FAT – usually around the middle area where it can be easily accessed.

If you are stressing due to everyday occurrences and you are finding it hard to cope, just remind yourself, reversing hormonal imbalances naturally and there are solutions if you take the time to invest in yourself.  Remember cortisol is a natural hormone in the body that will go into overdrive if the body becomes too stressed, whether we like it or not.  Cortisol is there to protect us.

Our bodies come with all the necessary equipment needed in order to keep us alive and healthy.

13 Symptoms of Vitamin B-12 deficiency you need to read NOW!

13 Symptoms of Vitamin B-12 deficiency you need to read NOW!

Studies are now showing an increase in B-12 deficiency, up to 40% to 50% of the population in North America is deficient of B-12 and with all the chemicals in the foods, the number will only rise.

Some symptoms of B-12 deficiency

1. Chest pain or shortness of breath
2. Dizziness, trouble with balance, and fainting
3. Fatigue or unexplained weakness
4. Pale skin or yellowing of the skin
5. Coldness, numbness or tingling in the hands and feet
6. Slow reflexes or diminished nervous system function
7. Sore mouth and tongue
8. Confusion, memory loss or dementia
9. Difficulty walking (staggering, balance problems)
10. Dry mouth, unpleasant taste in the mouth.
11. Bad breath, halitosis.
12. Strange thirst, constantly feeling dehydrated.
13. Unusual metallic taste in the mouth.

I Encourage you to watch this Video

Everyone wants to be healthy, but sometimes we may be missing out on important nutrients that are vital to the body, therefore allowing us to be lacking certain vitamins that the body requires in order to function at its fullest potential. A very common nutrient deficiency, especially among women, vegetarians, and vegans is vitamin B-12. Vitamin B-12 is extremely crucial for nerve health and the construction of red blood cells, that carry oxygen throughout the entire body.

Surprisingly, enough B-12 deficiency is also very common among many meat eaters. As far as meat eaters go, vitamin B-12 can only be absorbed in the small intestine and because of common intestinal ailments due to the acidic consumption of the meat, even many meat eaters who consume high levels of B-12 are unable to absorb it in their gut.
Before you purchase another bottle of vitamins B-12, please do your homework

Cheating Men

Cheating Men

You would think by the time a man reaches the age of 50, a cheating man would leave all those cheating ways behind him.  What’s really pathetic is, at this age, some immature men are still playing the field.  What the HELL!  What’s wrong with some of these men?  I am not referring to all men, so let’s set the record straight from now.

The scary part about this entire ordeal is that many women are the ones caught in the crossfire and are the causality of war.  I am by no means writing this to hate on men. In fact, I have been told on more than one occasion that I’m always defending men and sometimes I can be too sympathetic to our male counterpart, maybe there is some validity to that, who knows?

I can’t, in all honesty, write this article and believe that all men are cheaters and should not be trusted.  But unfortunately, the good ones have to suffer for the bad one.  I wonder though, do happy men cheat also and if so why?

From a woman’s perspective, this is a cruel, deceitful, hurtful, underhanded and even damn right deceptive experience to undergo, especially when she believed and trusted him, only to find out she was ignorant to what really was taking place between the sheets and that it was all a lie.  At this age what woman wants to go through this?  It’s so unfair. It makes it very difficult to trust again.

The worst part about the whole thing is, it’s already difficult for many women in this age group to work up the courage and start dating in the first place.  It can sometimes be a little nerve-racking having to start all over again in an unfamiliar dating pool. Sticking that big toe in first to test the waters filled with sharks and piranhas, only to find out it was all a lie, can be so crushing to one’s self-esteem.

What’s even more dangerous and I know, no women in her right mind would want to have to deal with or be concerned about is contracting an STI at this point in her life?  These are the options many women are faced with, be alone or take a chance.

There are men who cheat and that in itself is a selfish act, but not to wear protection is a diabolical act, to say the least. What man in his right mind would perform such a senseless act? Unfortunately,  there are many cheating men who only think about their own want and desires. 

I am not going to sit here and try to defend a man with such unconscionable behavior.  He knows right from wrong. I will play devil’s advocate for a moment.  Maybe there is some physiological fact about cheating that most people are unaware of.

Why is it so prevalent and so difficult for a man to be forthcoming to someone he claims to care about and just lay the cards on the table and be truthful.  Just be upfront and let the woman make her decision as to whether she would want to be in a non -monogamous relationship. 

Is that too much to ask? apparently so,  because many men do not even have the common decency to give the women the option to choose.

I guess the reason why most men cheat is that they want the best of both worlds.  So ladies, let me ask you, would you consider viewing porn or sexting as cheating? If your answer is yes, there are men who would disagree with you.

Before the internet, cheating was pretty straightforward, it was easily defined as skin to skin contact.  But nowadays, things have changed,  let’s say for example a man in one part of the world is online with a woman in another part of the world and both parties are engaged in explicit sexual pleasure through masturbation, but neither party will ever meet or touch each other physically, would that be consider cheating?

I am sure most men’s answer would differ compared to that of a woman.  The most logical answer from a man would probably sound something like this and he would more inclined to argue the fact, “but honey how could I be cheating, if I am here and she is all the way over there?” 

You see most cheating men will justify their behavior while trying to utilize their intellect in order to continue doing what they consider as not cheating but just having harmless fun.

Would love to hear your views on this topic?




How Do I Find the Strength to Go On?

How Do I Find the Strength to Go On?

How do I find the strength to go on?  That’s a simple question, Right? Well, here’s a simple answer. Just go on.  I just lost my job today(April 04th, 2018).  For me, this is a big thing.  You see, I was employed with the same company for approximately 16 years. The company I worked for just got bought out by another company and this new company downsized.  Everyone is replaceable once employed by someone else.

So, why on earth did this come as a surprise to me?  My mistake was to inadvertently have a false sense of security in someone else. I didn’t realize how programmed my mind really was until I was on the opposite side of the fence and jobless.  Thank God, I received the harsh slap of reality, that I so desperately needed.

This is bittersweet.  On one hand I am excited about all the great possibilities that await me but on the other hand, I am still little nervous.(Take a deep breath and breathe)  As I write this blog, my stomach is doing summersault and in knots while my mind keeps racing as to what I could have done differently to keep my job. 

See, there go that programming thought again. We make life difficult for ourselves, all we have to do is just let go and trust.  In time I have no doubt this nervous feeling will dissipate.  It feels weird though to say the words out loud, I am unemployed, but on the other hand, it feels empowering.

I had a feeling something like this was going to happen, but I wasn’t paying much attention to my inner voice and I didn’t take it seriously until the inevitable came.  You know it’s funny? when some of us got the ax, there were so many tears.  But I just realized I didn’t shed one. After dedicating my life for 16 years to someone else and having it end like this was so surreal.

There are times when the Universe will give us that added push because it’s trying to tell us better is coming, how we respond to that push is left up to us. We can either take advantage and listen to the silence as it speaks to us as to what we should do next or we can waist it and not listen.

As I sit here, I’m contemplating how dependent most of us have become with regards to depending on someone else to give us an allowance, as long as we do what we’re told.  I’m sitting here and my mind is wondering of all the possibilities that await me and it puts me in a place of bliss, even if only for a moment, but that’s all I need is a moment, just a taste.  

Because that moment will turn into a second, that second will turn into a minute, that minute will turn into an hour and then that hour will turn into a day.   There are so many great things waiting for me to enjoy.  With time I will fully come to understand as to why this happened, what is in store for me and that this was definitely for the best.     

There is a taste of freedom that surrounds me, that engulfs me, that I didn’t notice before because I was so entangled in this thing called a job. I was so programmed to believe in a system that convinces the average person to believe you need be a slave to your job in order to receive that steady paycheck to keep that paycheck flowing in order to live a so-called comfortable lifestyle. (And no I am not referring to those individuals who enjoy their job because there are a lot of people out there that do). 

Even though, I cannot see it, taste it or touch it. There is a knowing that everything is going to be alright. A couple of colleagues from my now previous job, LOL, have so convinced themselves that they are just too old (50 to 60 yrs) and will remain right where they are instead of trying to do for self.  How sad is that to have given up at such a young age or to even harvest the thought of being too old.

In this Western culture, if you’re not careful, one can get really caught up in the belief system that your too old to do many things and this can really be detrimental to your health and damaging to one’s psyche. Life is full of trials and tribulations, it would be boring otherwise.

We can try to run or hide from this mere truth, but the real test will come when we face ourselves in the mirror and admit to that reflection staring back that we will get through this little hiccup and keep on going. Either you make it work for you or you can allow it to devour you. I intend to make it work for me.

 I am 52 and unemployed and so what, there is only one way to go from here and that’s up…