As I stand here looking at myself in the mirror, I’m not sure if I fully recognize the woman I see staring back at me.  Boy! how I’ve changed.  Now, I can either pick out all the features of yesterday and compare myself to how I use to look or I could really pay attention to the beautiful woman staring back at me.  You see, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and that beholder begins with me.  How can I expect for someone else to see the beauty in me if you can’t even see it myself.

This is the body I was blessed with, with all its little imperfections. But you know what? I  wear it well.  There is so much to be thankful for.  There are the times when I choose not to see what is standing right in front of me, but the beautiful thing is, there are always angels surrounding me, showing me, helping me, reminding me in human flesh that everything will be OK and that in itself is a blessing.

Life holds no promises.  Once we can really understand that realization, only then can go out there and claim what is rightfully ours. Everything is out there for us. We are the ones who hold on to the doubts, the fears, the lack thereof and the limitations.  It is so easy to be afraid and yet so challenging to just let it flow.  Let me repeat that it again, “let it  FLOW” you’d think the opposite would hold true and it does.  Life is full of so many possibilities, promises, so many hopes and so many dreams.  No matter the age you never stop dreaming.

No need to compare yourself to other women, we’re all sisters, makes no difference of color or creed, each one of us is unique in our own way. If you wrote a book, sang a song, told a story, prepared a meal, designed an outfit, performed a surgery, delivered a speech, raised a family, etc. no one on planet earth could have had done quite like you even if they did they exact same thing.  There is only One You and this was not by chance. So appreciate that which you are.

Why is it so easy to focus on the negatives as opposed to the positive? Why are we as human beings so easily drawn to the flaws instead of seeing the beauty and Wow! there is so much beauty to see, feel, touch and experience. We’ve made it this far. And there is still so much to see and experience in this place called life.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, feel the air as it pulsates through your heart, through your lungs, down to your stomach, through each and every single cell within your body, feel the breathe of life as it caresses every inch of your internal organs and know you are truly blessed and loved.  You are an unique being and that alone should allow you to take note that is SPECIAL and you were by no means an accident.  There is so much more to see on this life’s journey.  It’s time to really enjoy and be happy take it all in.  No one can do this for you and no one was meant to do this for you, but they can share in your joy and happiness with you.  It all begins with you..