How many of you will agree, that dating in you 50’s and up can sometimes be a little intimating, to say the least? Let’s face it, ladies, we’re not in our 20’s or 30’s anymore and even though some of us would like to think that, our physical appearance sometimes tells another tale. Having experienced, divorce, children or just the everyday trials and tribulations of life, dating still can be exciting.

At this juncture, we tend to see the world through different lenses.  The dating scene can sometimes allow us to feel like a teenager again, heart palpitations when you see him face to face,  talking to him on the phone for hours even though know you have to get up early the next morning for work or just texting him.  

There are even those times when you just have the urge to spill the beans and confide in your  best friend a little bit about this new man in your life, of course, the conversations are different now, but as you describe him and how he makes you feel inside not realizing it, you illuminating this far off smile on your face as you think about him, dating can be lots of  fun.  Just let yourself go and enjoy each moment as it comes.

There are many advantages to dating in this age group.

  1. You’re more mature now and with maturity comes the advantage of not making the same mistakes as when you were younger, having a better idea as to what you’re looking for in a man.
  2. At this stage in the game, gone are the days when we have to worry about our biological time clock ticking or running out of time to have children, most of us anyway have already been there or done that. Being in the dating scene again, helps you to enter into a relationship for the right reasons instead feeling like you’re running a marathon to get to the finish line.
  3. Most of us now have a clearer bird eyes view as to who we are and what we want out of life and are looking for that life special someone to share that dream with.
  4. We’ve figured out what’s important to us, our likes and dislikes. We’re not afraid to say exactly what we want and what we don’t want. We don’t have the time or the patience for childish games, lies or anything else that is not uplifting in the relationships.
  5. Physical appearance and caring about what others may think or say, the types of car and other status symbols takes a back seat and is no longer on the forefront, what’s inside is what matters most.
  6. Romance is far more enjoyable. And no I’m not talking about sex. You can now afford to go to places you may not have been able to before, for whatever the reason.
  7. We have hopefully learned from past relationships and made a mental note as to all the pitfalls to avoid, the do’s and don’ts, of life lessons again, well learned. We are knowing ourselves better and are able to size up other more skillfully, which gives us a better advantage.
  8. Communication is better now. You say what and how you feel, no holding back and being afraid of voicing what needs to be said. You take ownership of what is yours and communicate it honestly and directly.

Whoever said getting older was boring lied it’s only the beginning.