My head is covered with streaks of natural highlighted grey hair cascading past my shoulders. And it doesn’t bother me, in fact, I kinda like it. But from time to time my colleagues at work, will corner me and begin the barrage of questions or give me unsolicited advice (as though it’s some kind of disease that needs to be cut off at the root).

For example, “When do you plan on coloring that hair or what’s taking you so long to color your hair?, while shooting obvious glances in the direction of my head and then piercing stares right back at me, as if to say you know what I’m talking about. “You’d look much younger without the grey or my favorite, “Just because you’re getting older, doesn’t mean the whole world has to know, keep them guessing”.

And every time when placed in this position, I always chuckle to myself, contemplating, ” I’m in no hurry to color my hair when I’m ready I’ll dye it”. The honest truth is, if I can be candid for a moment, I’m just too lazy or just not in the mood, no pun intended, my hair grows very fast, you see. I am one of those women who embrace my grey, every single strand of it.

Grey hair woman power, away…. it always seems to amuses me to hear certain people offer advice as to why I should dye my hair and eradicate all my beautiful salt and pepper or silvery grey hair as if it’s some sort of crime. (To the dungeon I say, throw away the key until she comes to her senses).

It’s incredible to think how many people are afraid of aging. Thank God for those of us who take life one moment at a time and just embrace the aging process gracefully. I highly doubt this is an isolated incident. It’s funny to think, how much a woman is judged based on her physical appearance compared to men in today’s society.

When a woman has salt and pepper hair, most of us are frowned upon while the opposite holds true for men, they are considered distinguished, some are even considered sexy with just the right amount of grey on their head or in their beard. One of the beauties of being 50 plus, is reaching this plateau of coming into yourself and accepting what we cannot change and change what we can, regardless as to what others may say.

For some of us, we are at a stage in our lives where we are comfortable in the body we are in, grey hair and all. For those of you who are not there yet, it’s a freeing experience. In no way am I suggesting not to color your hair, what I am saying is, color your hair if you choose to, but do it for you and not for others, do what makes you feel good and wear it proud. We owe this to ourselves.