So, you’ve reached that golden age, the age of reckoning, that historical milestone, the age of jubilee, we’re now considered to be middle-aged and the list goes on, and on, blah, blah, blah. Well, I refuse to let society define me. I refuse to be pigeonholed as to how I should think, feel or act.

I am 52 and loving it. I hold no reservations when telling my age. I embrace who I am and I am grateful for having reached this stage in my life with all body parts, mind and spirit in tack. Now, this may sound a little cliché, but you’re truly as young as you feel. I will never let my age define me or buy into the stereotypes, that I should act or behave a certain way. What does that mean anyway, act your age? Who determines how a person should think, talk, or act?.

As children we’re taught certain habits, rules, and regulations, as to what is allowed from what is not allowed and as we grow we begin to experiments, pushing the envelope just a little at a time. Teenage years to mid-twenties for some were smeared with recklessness, selflessness, self-entitlement, carelessness, some young people would be overly conscious as to what their peers would think or say about them.

The mid-twenties to mid-thirties for some marked a time for getting married and raising a family while having high expectations of the so-called perfect life, a great career, beautiful family with the loving and supportive husband, the house, the car and all the material things necessary to fuel this wonderful lifestyle.

The mid-thirties to mid-forties for some, a lot of what we hoped for didn’t pan out the way we expected. So, we had to pull up our big girl panties and dealt with whatever life threw our way, because whether realizing it or not, we were the product of our own thinking and actions. This was a time when we began to reflect on our lives and questioned many things, this was a time filled with a lot of regrets and soul-searching.

The mid-forties and up for many of us this is a time of really embracing the true diamond that within, which is YOU. Seeing a reflection of yourself in the mirror and loving the person looking back, is a beautiful thing. Yeah! there is no denying it, you will notice the little inconsistencies compared to when we were in your 20’s but accepting what is and embracing yourself is an accomplishment within itself.

For many, this is a stage of awakening to the real you and appreciate all life has to offer. My name is Desree Crooks and welcome to my blog. I am the founder of “50 And Up And Loving It”. Please join me on this magnificent journey of life. Each one teaches one. So, let’s do it together…

We are the new Perennials, “HEAR ME ROAR”